AU Small Finance Bank

AU Small Finance Bank

In AU Small Finance Bank you can open a zero balance account sitting at home! apart from this you also get a virtual debit card! for free and you get an interest rate of up to 7% on it!

You have to go to any browser and type their au bank! in you will reach the website of that bank tell you something that


  • Whatever interest you have.
  • it will give in a month.
  • You can open a zero balance account here
  • IMPS NEFT RTGS transfer can done free online.
  • You will also get a free virtual debit card

what should be the qualification

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have an Aadhar card
  • Must have more PAN card
  • It is not necessary to have any kind of account open with AU Small Bank or not.

What are the benefits of having a bank account?

  • Keeps your eye securely
  • Gets interested in the savings amount
  • If you want to give your money to any third person! then a check can be given through! a fit draft of the bank!
  • You can pay bills etc. directly from the bank Online transaction methods

How to open an account in AU Small Finance Bank?

You can also apply this application from! the Google browser and can also apply from the application by visiting! the play store and opening an online account!

First of all you have to verify! your mobile number! which your mobile number linked ! with your Aadhar card you have to enter the same! And to verify with OTP! then you have to update the Aadhar card number and then! the OTP which linked ! with the Aadhar card to the mobile number! will come to him. Also, have to be verified so! that your Aadhar card gets verified! And will match all the details of the Aadhar card and verify the email id too!

After that, he will ask you for your personal details and! you will have to give them to him after! that you will have to verify your PAN card, and your account! we will open easily you will have a virtual debit card!


We want to tell you that! if you do not have any bank account and your age is above 18 years! then AU Small Finance Bank allows! you to open an account with zero balance! you can open your account sitting at home without visiting any bank branch. And AU Small Bank will give you your Virtual Debit Card from the comfort of your home! IFSC will give the code and provide all the facilities that other banks provide.

Click here AU SMALL BANK

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